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Altrusa Ten Commandments

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This is a fun piece that can be used as an accent at the start of a meeting!

  1. Thou shalt not come to meetings late, nor for the benediction refuse to wait.
  2. Thy hungry stomach cannot be fed until the Altrusa blessing has been said.
  3. And when the reports are sounded out, thou shalt listen -, not look about.
  4. The endmost chair thou shalt leave free, for more to share the table with thee.
  5. Thou shall serve on committees well – and every opportunity of Altrusa tell.
  6. Thou shall not the hour misuse, nor come alone to just take a snooze.
  7. Forget not thou the occasional fee, nor permit the treasurer to remind thee.
  8. Thou shall give heed to the program well and not on thine own business dwell.
  9. Be friendly at the meeting so shall all member love thee more.
  10. May the Altrusa motto mean more every day, as each Altrusan travelers her way.