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Altrusa Dallas Funds

The original purpose of the Altrusa Club of Dallas Foundation, Inc. was to honor Altrusa Ruth W. Behrens and to receive and administer resources for educational, scientific, literary, and charitable purposes in the field of crime prevention. The Foundation was formally recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization in July, 1975.

In 1986, the Foundation was expanded to include other charitable activities of the Club. In addition to the Ruth Behrens Fund, the Edith DeBusk Scholarship Fund and a Ways and Means Committee were added to the umbrella of the Foundation. The Ways and Means Committee was established to organize fund raising efforts of the Foundation. In 1997, the Foundation was further expanded to include the Dr. Nina Fay Calhoun Scholarship Fund by dissolution of the existing trust and creation of a separate fund under the auspices of the Foundation.

The Foundation is supervised by a Board of Directors comprised of the same elected officers and directors of the Club, except that the Club Assistant Treasurer acts as the Treasurer for the Foundation. The members of Altrusa International, Inc. of Dallas, Texas are the members of the Altrusa Club of Dallas Foundation, Inc.

For more about our specific Funds please see the following pages: