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Ruth Behrens became an Altrusan in 1959 and served as President of the Dallas Club and on various committees at local, district and international levels. This lovely, vivacious person was murdered in her home by an intruder on February 15, 1972. A memorial was established in her honor to help make the community a safer, healthier place to live. This fund receives and administers resources for stated purposes in the field of crime prevention. Through the years, the Ruth Behrens Fund has purchased bicycles and repair kits for patrol officers, and funded many crime prevention initiatives including valuable research into blood spatter evidence, a crime prevention robot, deadbolt locks for the elderly residents of low-income areas, and many others. In 2016 a bullet proof vest was purchased for K-9 unit Django, who partners with Officer Curtis Steiger, and the following year .a ballistic vest was purchased for Officer Steiger. A committee appointed annually by the President and approved by the Board of Directors researches potential distribution of the funds.