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Leading To a Better Community

Altrusa International Inc. is an international association of business executives and professionals who volunteer their energies and expertise in projects dedicated to community betterment. As a community service organization, Altrusa espouses volunteerism and service, fights for literacy, and helps combat AIDS.
We help each other make our Dallas club successful through building successful partnerships. The Altrusa motto asks us to strive for Patriotism, Efficiency and Service. As a local, district, and international organization, Altrusa is all about service and partnership. When we work in partnership within our clubs and when we partner with the Dallas community to determine needs, we are more effective at finding ways to meet those needs. When we successfully “partner” we make an impact…Altrusa makes a difference!
One of the twelve principles of Altrusa states that “Altrusa believes it is not enough to be good, Altrusans must be good for something”. “It is not enough for an Altrusan to raise an issue…you have to raise the issue and help find the solution!” When we do this collaboratively with our fellow members, we often are pleasantly surprised with the unique ideas we may uncover.
The Dallas Club is one of several in the Dallas Metroplex area. We have a rich history of service in our community, and we invite you to visit us to see for yourself if Altrusa is right for you.

Mission Statement

Altrusa International of Dallas, Texas, Inc. is a dynamic group of professionals that targets needs and provides volunteer service in Dallas County and the surrounding territory, focusing on leadership, literacy, and international relations.

PO Box 671033 Dallas, TX 75367 Phone: (972) 294-6040