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Ruth Behrens Fund 2015-2016 Officer Curtis and K9 Officer Django

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In August we finally got to meet Office Curtis and his K-9 partner, Office Django. We are using money from the Ruth Behrens Fund (2015-2016) to provide Django with a custom fitted bullet proof vest for his use while on duty. Officer Curtis gave us some valuable insight into the work he does with Django and we also discovered a connection to him via our ongoing work with the Scottish Rite Hospital. Officer Curtis’ son is wheelchair bound due to spina bifida and has been a regular visitor at the hospital. Office Curtis was thrilled to learn of our long time relationship with the hospital. We had pot roast for dinner that evening and Django thought it smelled particularly good. He was a bit naughty at one point while Office Curtis was trying to show us his searching skills. Instead of searching for the keys he came up to the front table and placed both paws up to have a smell! Anne Reed and Elle Reese were a little startled but amused to have such a close encounter with Django. We look forward to having Office Curtis and Office Django back to visit us when the vest finally arrives and we’re also hoping to be invited to observe the dog training sometime soon.