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Scottish Rite Hospital 1st Service 2017

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The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) in Dallas specializes in the treatment of pediatric orthopedic conditions. The children treated here face various physical circumstances including scoliosis (a curvature of the spine), clubfoot, and limb length differences. Our very own Sharron Vance has volunteered every Thursday evening at this hospital since August, 1995, and has ar- ranged for our club to make 3 visits over the coming service year to entertain the children in residence and hopefully provide them with a chance to create memories of their hospital stay that are more enjoyable than they would otherwise have. On January 1, 2017 we had our first opportunity. Sharron began volunteering at TSRHC after her husband was involved in a fatal auto accident in April, 1995. She shares that “when I parked there for the first time to go in for my interview, I just felt at home and knew it was a place for me to be involved in”. Our club president, Gillian Allen, arrived with supplies on hand to give the children the opportunity to paint their own designs on t-shirts they could then keep. We had a variety of sizes available, from extra small to xx-large, as well as paints, pens and stencils. Our volunteers arrived on time and included Gillian Allen, Sharron Vance, Karen Wise, Frances Maloney, Anne Reed, Dee Parmer, Katie McKenzie, Lori Smith and Elle Reese. We had our full quota for the evening and boy did we need everyone! It was a little slow to start off, with only one patient and their visitors coming up to the floor but it soon picked up. By the end of the evening we had four kids painting, three adults and a volunteer. Lori free-handed a lovely Hello Kitty t- shirt for our first patient who couldn’t get out of her vehicle. One of the boys made a really colorful horse with the dedicated help of Frances. The adults seemed to really enjoying getting creative as well and it was a joy to watch them do something I don’t think they’ve done before. As Katie mentioned at our second January meeting, one of the patients wrote out a poem she’d written on her t-shirt and it was very powerful. We also had a patient free hand a Greenbay Packers symbol which I’m sure caused some distress to our members!! Elle spent some time arranging the t-shirts into size groups after they got a bit jumbled and Anne then folded them all neatly which made it a lot easier to find a desired size when we had a request. Home Depot donated some fantastic children’s work aprons. It was a lot of fun to slip one on!! Karen remembered to take some pictures and Dee was a great help in corralling all the supplies at the end. The t-shirt painting was a great success and the patients and their families left with smiles on their faces. Collectively we had a lot of fun inter- acting with the patients and their families. Our final Scottish Rite visit is May 9 at 6:30pm.