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Tree Trimming at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

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Ten of our members went as volunteers for our group and I participated as a hospital volunteer for the annual tree trimming event at TSRHC. Normally the event is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year there was some sort of conflict and it was put off until the following Thursday instead. This event is one of the most anticipated and participated in that the hospital has each year. We have been participating since my first year with the Dallas Altrusa Club. The hospital furnishes be- tween 50-60 trees and various organizations such as ours come in to decorate them. We furnish our own decorations and you can either keep them for the next year or you can donate them to the hospital to be sold in the next year’s Holiday Bazaar. We keep ours normally. But, this year it was time to purchase new decorations so we allotted $500 in our budget to purchase new decorations. I believe everyone liked them. We chose Elf on a Shelf. Our tree was completely done in new decorations and it looked fantastic. After the decorating is completed the hospital furnishes dinner for those who want to stay and eat. You can walk around the hospital as well and take a look at the other trees and see how you think yours compares— of course we thought ours was best!! It’s not like your usual hospital and everyone has a really good time. Hope you can join us next year.