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Service Sunday November 2016 — Hearts & Ribbons

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November 20, 2016 found a group of our members gathered at President Gillian’s house all the way out in Justin to help make fuzzy hearts for the babies at NICU units. Mothers wear these hearts next to their skin for a while to impart their own scent into the hearts. The hearts are then placed with the babies in the incubators so that they become familiar with the mother’s scent, even though they can’t be held at this stage in their lives. It helps with the bonding process. Gillian used her amazing embroidery machine to sew the outlines for the hearts. We then got to work cutting out the hearts and turning them in- side out so the seams were hidden. This results in a lovely soft heart shape that is very neat and tidy. We also got to work making the recognition ribbons that will be awarded to members to wear behind their hearts of gold. Much cutting and sewing was accomplished! During our afternoon we had some very good discussion between new and old members about how the club functions and what could be done to improve new members experience. It was at times intense, with much input heard from all sides. The opportunity to simply sit and talk with our fellow members was a lovely experience and one we all want to repeat more frequently. Gillian put out a lovely cheese & fruit spread with refreshing drinks and we occasionally got to see the kitten as it dared to make an appearance. Overall it was a productive Service Sunday.